Welcome to my homepage and Hovawartbreed.

The whole page is in Swedish, but I've herebuy started to translate it bit by bit to both english and german.

About us and our breed

My name is Lisen Ekroth, my husband Anders and our children live on the countryside north of Stockholm. I have five years of biology studies from the Swedish agricultural university and a degree in Animal Science.

My ambition with my breeding is to breed quality dogs that have workingcapability with endurance and playfullness. And also a mind that helps them overcome fear and difficulties easy. The exterior doesn't have the same priority, but it is naturally fun when the dog has great qualities, both inside and outside...

The health is the most important thing and is a non negotiable quality. To ever come in question for being a breedanimal, the dog must have lower predisposition than average to all hereditary diseases.


We are expecting our B-litter and C-litter in spring 2016.